KAHIBO – Animated Series Concept

In a World wich punishes crying by death,
the weepy KAHIBO plots his escape,
but when the white-furred talking monkey
named chimpo magically crashes into his room,
he unwillingly destroys kahibos plans.
Now the two of them have to stick – and flee together.
Watch the trailer of KAHIBO – an anime about friendship, social norms, and most importantly: food! 🤤

KAHIBO is the diploma project of Animationsinstitut’s former students Ihabo Azzamo (@ihaboazzamo) and York v. Sydow (@yorkomo).

In their series, we follow the young boy Kahibo through the cruel crumble world of Barbarion. While Kahibo learned to suppress his emotions, the bubbly monkey Chimpo soon turns his world upside down. Together, they embark on a culinary adventure through the Crumbleverse! 💫

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